When United Insurance first brought us in they were a group of independent agencies coming together under one brand. We helped them develop the philosophy and messaging represented by their red celtic knot. 

Our work has included the concepts and creative execution for tv and radio ads, print media, and web work. However, our value to United Insurance really lies in our understanding of their goals, our ability to tell their story, and our guidance to develop effective and comprehensive marketing plans. With our help, they have experienced better than expected results and now are considered the 2nd largest independent insurance agency in Maine. 

"United Insurance has worked with Words@Work since 2011. What I have appreciated most is Paula Mahony’s quest to understand the unique qualities of our organization which has 15 local offices throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Balancing our local commitments to the communities we serve while developing a cohesive single brand is a challenge that Words@Work has successfully met. Paula and her team have created campaigns that span all forms of media and represent the values for which United stands. Paula continues to present new and refreshing ideas to support and grow our business."
– Chris Condon, CEO of United Insurance