Celebrating 300 years of history!

The Falmouth 300th Celebration began with a needs assessment, a logo, and a very detailed marketing plan.

When you have a Marketing Firm on speed dial, life gets simpler: Route 1/MDOT parcel

Working with the MDOT, Falmouth needed a way to publicize a future development opportunity. It was a complicated story and a very large project. We helped by creating a visual depiction of the project that we also turned in to an ad. We worked with several specific publications to find the best ad units and media opportunities to get the word out.

Shop Falmouth gets refreshed as Very Merry Falmouth

Creating a weekend of holiday fun attracts residents and visitors to Falmouth!

With the success of our work promoting the value of the Route One Reconstruction Project, we were asked to take a look at the Shop Falmouth program that had languished in prior attempts. Our evaluation indicated that too much emphasis had been placed on soliciting shoppers to spend money and not enough attention was placed on creating an experience that would attract shoppers. We created a one-day event that gave shoppers a reason to come to Falmouth. The first Very Merry Falmouth event was so successful we were hired back to create a bigger and better event the following year. Along the way, we trained Town staff to organize and run the event themselves.

Reinforcing the Value of the Route One Reconstruction Project and the Re-engagement of the Route One Business Community

Falmouth businesses located along Route One felt a measurable decline in their business during the two-year Route One Reconstruction Project. After numerous complaints from business owners, the town manager and long-range planning director decided to take action in the form of a marketing effort. Our job was to create a marketing campaign that 1) would reassure the public that the construction wouldn’t be disruptive, and 2) would bring awareness to, and increase traffic for, the Route One businesses. We were charged with completing our task with a minimal budget, which made for some creative ways to engage the public.


Increased shopping activity and happy business owners in Falmouth, with particular focus on the Route One corridor.



As always, our project began with Discovery and we spent a week talking to people who used the Route One corridor on a daily basis. In May, as the construction season got underway, we created an event with a local radio station to attract attention to the upgrades and the difference that travelers would expect when driving through the area. The package included a series of :30 commercials that aired in advance. Additionally, we developed a Facebook page and tapped into the power of The Forecaster to use their online Local Pulse to promote and boost our Facebook posts. Weekly advertising in two issues of The Forecaster extended our Find It In Falmouth reach.

Based on the success of our initial endeavor, we were hired back four months later to re-engage the business community around the Shop Falmouth event.