Meet Our Team

  Paula Mahony  President & Chief Strategist

Paula Mahony
President & Chief Strategist

  Rob Cimitile  Digital Marketing Strategist

Rob Cimitile
Digital Marketing Strategist

  Lacey Lee  Content Specialist

Lacey Lee
Content Specialist

  Katelynn Davis  Marketing Coordinator

Katelynn Davis
Marketing Coordinator

  Christina Macia  Marketing Strategist

Christina Macia
Marketing Strategist


Paula Mahony – President & Chief Strategist

Creating successful solutions to clients’ problems is what makes Paula Mahony tick. Paula has built a reputation for creating interesting and yet ever-so-simple concepts that deliver incredible results. A bit of a rogue marketer, she specializes in envisioning new approaches and unique solutions. In her corporate life, her strength was her ability to build collaborative teams. As a business owner, she translates that strength into teams with one clear goal: client success.

When she established Words@Work in 1993, Paula committed herself to helping clients identify the key elements of their vision and plan. Since then, Paula has provided concept and copy direction for clients large and small including: QVC,, WebMD, Schiavi Home Builders, United Insurance, UNUM, and the Towns of Falmouth and Cumberland, ME. Sometimes, ideas take unique form. Paula’s solution for VNA Homehealth Hospice resulted in the award-winning Ask for VNA campaign and set the organization well apart from other competitors. For the Town of Falmouth, addressing the needs of the retail business district led to the creation of Very Merry Falmouth – a three-day celebration that attracts hundreds of shoppers to the Route One corridor.

Paula believes that for organizations to succeed in today’s ever-changing world, they must focus on genuine messages of value, benefit, and need. Paula has carefully crafted Words@Work to be an off-site marketing department instead of an ad agency. Words@Work is centered on strong relationships—with, between, and among clients, team members, and vendors.

Paula is a member of the Portland Regional Chamber, a board member of the Falmouth Cumberland Community Chamber of Commerce and Dancing with the Dentists. She is on the Programming Committee of the Institute for Family Owned Business. She volunteers her time with Winter Kids and the Falmouth Land Trust. When not at work, she stays busy golfing, skiing, romping with her Black Lab and observing the behaviors of her Millennial children. 

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Rob Cimitile – Digital Marketing Strategist

“In marketing, every day is an opportunity not only to think of new, novel, crazy ideas, but also put them to work. And you have to treat it like a research project: test this, test that, compare, and see what you’ve got. There is a science to it that I find really interesting – trying to crack the code of how people interact with different media. At Words@Work, we look at each client differently when creating strategies that will help them reach their marketing goals.”

Rob Cimitile oversees many aspects of our clients' digital campaigns. Every client is different and every client needs someone to solve the mystery of what digital strategies will work for them. That’s what Rob does. By creating custom strategic plans, measuring performance, and modifying along the way, our clients' campaigns are steered in a direction that works for them.  

Rob’s other specialties include ad conceptualization, PR outreach, event planning, and video production. 

Rob holds a master's degree in music from the University of Hartford. In his artistic life outside Words@Work, Rob is an award winning music videographer, a grant recipient from the Maine Arts Commission, a performer, and a recording artist.

Rob lives with his wife, son, and rescue dogs in Southern Maine.

Lacey Lee – Content Specialist

“One of the reasons I love it at Words@Work is that I’m exposed to so many industries that I would not expose myself to normally. Working here allows me to investigate, get into the machinery of all these different industries, and write about them, which is a complete thrill for me. We focus on messaging as a means of reaching people, and we pride ourselves on recognizing how different people communicate. Reaching people is more than our modus operandi. It’s an imperative.”

Growing up in Northeast Texas, Lacey always had an insatiable curiosity that eventually led her to live and work as an English teacher with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program in Kumamoto, Japan. Her three-year term living and working abroad led her to a deeper understanding of the intricate structures underlying communication. Her experiences have granted her invaluable insight into the use of language as an irreplaceable but often underestimated tool. 

A writer at heart, Lacey celebrates the written word as art form. She is intrigued by the unknown and readily accepts the challenge of communicating effectively about any topic. She has a passion for the unique, the curious, the strange, and the downright weird, and will dig deep to learn about anything down to the micro level. This tendency made her naturally interested in SEO strategy as a digital means of reaching people genuinely, and she has since written SEO for resorts, tech, and other industries that Words@Work clients continue to bring to the table. When faced with the unknown, she is not afraid to ask the simple question that is often the beginning of all things: “Why?” 

Lacey received her B.A. in English at Southern Methodist University, during which she studied Creative Advertising and Japanese concurrently. She recently acquired Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 certification and spends her spare time embracing her adorable neko (cats).

Katelynn Davis – Marketing Coordinator

“I love interacting with our clients and assisting the team with producing exactly what they are looking for. Whether it is proofreading, putting together articles, or offering up my ideas, my main goal is to help provide the client with the best service possible. Here at Words@Work, we strive to make our clients successful, and that is the motivation behind all that I do.“

Katelynn joined the Words@Work team in 2012 as the office assistant. After a few months, she became more involved with client projects as the Project Specialist. Katelynn left Words@Work for two years, spending time doing marketing and event management at a local nonprofit. She returned to Words@Work in 2016 as a Marketing Coordinator. A true team player, Katelynn manages a variety of tasks and projects for clients. Katelynn has a bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Maine at Machias. She currently resides in Gorham with her husband, Mitchell, infant son, Elijah, and their two dogs, Bogey and Korra.

Christina Macia – Marketing Strategist

“Marketing is only as effective as the message driving it, and unfortunately, I’ve found it’s often too easy to communicate the wrong message. Words@Work has developed a methodology to help clients understand the message they’ve created vs. the message they want to communicate. As a person fascinated by communication, I find great satisfaction in witnessing such clarity unfold for clients who otherwise felt stuck. That being said, there’s something of exceptional intrigue about holding a seat at a table where clear communication is constantly being assessed and improved upon.”

Christina came to Words@Work with over eight years of experience in business operation and project management from both the private and nonprofit sector. After an unconventional path that passed through New Hampshire, California, Massachusetts, Utah, and Colorado, as well as, Science, Business Administration, and Journalism, Christina received her B.A. in Liberal Arts and English from Utah State University. Her educational goal was to gain a wide understanding of communication and culture. As a person with great passion for travel and the written word, the ability to relate and understand peers of diverse religious and geographic origins was of high interest.

After 10 years of consistent travel, Christina has purchased a cabin in Norway, ME where she plans to live year-round, work on her poetry manuscript, and deepen her yoga practice.