Schiavi Home Builders

The challenge

Schiavi Home Builders' growth was hampered by public misperception about modular construction in terms of quality and possibilities. Our challenge was to help rebuild the brand identity of a home builder whose potential customers misunderstood the company's core product.

how SCHIAVI measureS "more"

More homes built, more inquiries about their core product line.

W@W's Plan

Through a series of surveys and interviews we identified key messages to emphasize the benefits as well as specific words to avoid. New messaging is communicated through all customer interactions: salespeople, web site, space ads, brochures, and even truck lettering and signage.


"When I originally started working with Paula at Words @ Work I was seeking assistance with our message and communication, a 'word smith'. What we ended up with was a comprehensive marketing plan that was responsible for positioning Schiavi Home Builders head and shoulders above the competition. The funds we invested in Words@Work has delivered our best return on investment for our business." – Scott Stone, President