The Words@Work Marketing Scorecard

No matter what kind of business you are running, you probably have some sort of marketing plan. Maybe it is new. Maybe you've been doing the same thing for years. 

But just how well is your plan working? We put together a brief scorecard to help you analyze your efforts and see where there could be improvement. 

Fill out the form below, count how many times you say "YES," and get your results instantly!

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We have a clearly identified marketing position.
Our Marketing Plan has been updated within the last 30 days.
We know the lifetime value of a new customer.
Each of our marketing initiatives is planned, scheduled, measured, and reviewed.
Our marketing efforts are consistently launched throughout the year.
We have a proven method for converting prospects to customers.
We know what motivates our customers to buy from us because we ask, survey, and research.
Our competitive advantage is clearly identified and stated.
We have implemented a plan for online, social, and email marketing.
We are happy with the results of our existing marketing efforts. Business is great.
Every "YES" scores 10 points. Every "NO" scores 0 points.