We develop market share by clarifying misunderstood marketing messages so they deliver more.

about words@Work

Since 1993, we’ve used our ability to craft engaging messages to help clients dramatically improve their results. We’re marketing generalists with a specialty in helping the company that is running at #2, 3, or 4 take market share from the #1 competitor.  

Our proprietary Discovery process quickly puts clients through their paces to deliver the insights that will drive our creativity so that before you know it, mediocre results are a thing of the past. MORE comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ve launched product lines, new startups, mergers, and transitions. We’ve delivered results that have generated more phone calls, more email requests, more ticket sales, more houses, more patients, more orders, greater awareness, positive press, approved contracts, and the realization of goals that seemed totally unachievable. And then we come back and do it all again. 

So, tell us… what’s your version of MORE?

Our Awards and accolades

  • Media Award from HomeCare & Hospice Alliance of Maine
  • SBA Small Business Project of the Year award
  • Three International Doll of the Year awards (product development and concept development)

What clients have to say about Words@Work

"[Since Words@Work rebuilt our website], we are now seeing more inquiries from the website for weddings, corporate, and concierge catering. I like how I have an account rep and I do not have to deal with tons of people. I feel like Mike understands me and what our goal is and he does not require a lot of direction.”

– Nancy Cerny, President of The CVC Catering Group

"I spoke with the health inspector at the Portland, Maine Tall Ships event and the first thing he said was, 'I checked your website—it looks like you really know what you're doing!'"

CVC's Nancy Cerny, upon being hired to cater the weekend-long Tall Ships event in Portland

“I had been thinking about marketing for a long time before hearing Paula speak. She was clear and energetic in making the point that marketing is a commitment, but it is not that hard. You have to spend the time to know who your customers are, what you are offering them that is different than your competition, and where and how to reach them, and then you have to go out and do it. 45 minutes with Paula will give the foundation you need to change your business.”

John Sedgewick, Managing Director at Berman & Simmons 

"When I originally started working with Paula at Words@Work, I was seeking assistance with our message and communication—a 'wordsmith'. What we ended up with was a comprehensive marketing plan that was responsible for positioning Schiavi Home Builders head and shoulders above the competition. The funds we invested in Words@Work has delivered our best return on investment for our business." 

Scott Stone, President of Schiavi Home Builders

"Paula is an insightful marketing strategist who doesn’t just reflect back what her clients tell her. She listens and thinks and researches and thinks some more. When we worked on my brand, she kept pushing and expanding the scope of our ideas until everyone involved came to understand the core value of the company and how to communicate it." 

Jim Lyon, President of Summit 9 Consulting

"United Insurance has worked with Words@Work since 2011. What I have appreciated most is Paula Mahony’s quest to understand the unique qualities of our organization which has 15 local offices throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Balancing our local commitments to the communities we serve while developing a cohesive single brand is a challenge that Words@Work has successfully met. Paula and her team have created campaigns that span all forms of media and represent the values for which United stands. Paula continues to present new and refreshing ideas to support and grow our business."

Chris Condon, CEO of United Insurance